Thursday, March 31, 2011


OK I am still in my Millionaire mind. I am the Bruce Wayne/ Peter Parker mode. I thought I would share where are my investments

So here are my industries:

1- Hydrology ( locating water sources)

2- Urban and Regional Management ( focus on land allocation and population management which would include food supply management- self sufficiency- population travels by foot and bicycles)

3 -Environmental transportation and logistics as stated above

4- Trees/Seed productions

5- Preventative health

6- Mandatory Money education in high school

7- Fashion: I would open a cycling clothing line (love the fashion~)

I don't have 12 like Bruce. But I think he started with a few.

Tomorrow I 'll decide on the percentage allocated in these industries and where my assets are distributed.

Thanks for reading and being part of my dream!

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  1. I like "peter parker" mode. He always had his dark secret he had to carry around. Nobody knew he saved the world every day for them.