Friday, March 25, 2011

Premier Jour as a 1000KR

Today, is the first day of my experiment. The goal of the experiment is to behave mentally, physically as a Millionaire, to assume and live every moment as I am one among many, I am picturing my networth to be between Bernard Arnault and Llliane Bettencourt, I am French they're French. To me at this moment it doesn't mean to go shopping at luxurious stores but rather read, breath, think like Millionaires do. I started reading Carnegie's work and I will document my readings, findings and what I am experiencing along the way. I'll share it. I started this endeavor tonight with a trip to the Half Price Bookstore where I pick my brains at the magazine stands, what do Millionaires read? what do they? so I picked what I thought I would read as a Millionaire. I picked Forbes March 14, 2011, Automobile March 2011, Money issue Jan- Feb 2011 Investor's Guide 2011, Travel Issue Forbes Life 2010 (bc I couldn't find any 2011 issues), I selected Town & Country March 2011 and oddly Aviation Week Business & Commercial Aviation January 2011- all these were 50c each mag, except T & C which was $1. Why didn't I buy full price these? I think the cost of the investment will bring higher returns in knowledge, so it's a good investment. Today's action: well, buy low right now but buy value. ROI

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