Saturday, March 26, 2011

Was Bruce Wayne a Millionaire or a Billionaire and why was Peter Parker neither?

His father was a surgeon in Gotham City. Bruce Wayne was born into wealth, he had everything. Wayne Entreprises formerly known as WayneCorp had 12 main branches Wayne Technologies, Wayne Biotech, Wayne Foods, Wayne Shipping, Wayne Steel, Wayne Yards, Wayne Aerospace, Wayne Chemicals, Wayne Medical, Wayne Electronics, Wayne Entertainment (source:


It's safe to believe that in today's world Wayne Entertainment could be DreamWorks Pictures which is currently totally at about 4.5 Billion USD, let's count this as just 1/12th of Wayne's net worth- this is an easy shot, the worth of the 12 branches got to be totalling in the Billions.
 There is no contest Bruce Wayne is a Billionaire and not Millionaire.

Why did I want to share this with you?

 Well. As I was driving to run my morning errands. I kept on feeling that Millionaire self. And picturing 1000K in the bank I felt the same as Thursday. I am the same Parady with just more money in the bank. 

Now the next question was what type of Millionaire would I be? There are so many types. I always thought that Millionaires were above humans, like a different race, a specie of some sort who looked like us. So I started to visualize something that didn't seem intimidating. I traced back to my ideals and I found them in Silver Age Comic books . I've always loved Bruce Wayne and the Batman figure and Peter Park as Spiderman.

Who is the smartest Bruce or Peter well, Bruce Wayne is named as the one of smartest one  in

Art by Jim Lee

Defined as an industrialist, Bruce Wayne has everything but still goes out to risk his life, Peter Parker has less money than Bruce but still goes to risk his life. Sometimes viewed as an Archangel instead of an angel Batman's strength is unlimited while Peter's humanity makes him more approachable.

Peter Parker was a photographer/scientist. Peter was never a Millionaire because it was never his interest, undoubtedly he could have become one with his knowledge, his incredible skills, he could have patented and sold part of his soul and profited greatly. But Peter Peter would never do that, and that's what I love about him, he would never comprise his values.  In the comic when he discovered his powers, he was on a TV Show and he couldn't reveal his identity by getting paid, he couldn't get a check written to Spiderman. He would have needed to compromise himself. 

So the type of Millionaire I would chose to be? Well, I would be a "Bruce Parker" or a "Peter Wayne". I would be/ I am a mix of unshakable strength and business savy. I, Parady, am an industrialist who owns 10 different types of ventures all completely diverse. I am an industrialist, scientist, and photographer. I am powerful because I have integrity and I keep my humanity by recognizing others vulnerability. I am a simple Millionaire.  

After all "It's who I am underneath it's what I do"


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